Why we started this.

During the COVID-19 crisis, and before starting Sanikind, we mobilized 45 volunteers and partnered with 100+ distilleries around the country to provide sanitizer to nursing homes, hospitals and nonprofits, all at no cost. We helped over 34,000 vulnerable people stay safe!

After helping so many people, we saw the growing need to help the planet by creating a convenient sanitizer dispenser that didn’t contribute to our ocean plastic problem.

Meet our people:

Miles Pepper

Miles’ commitment to sustainability began when he invented FinalStraw—a collapsible reusable drinking straw that helps people reduce their single-use plastic.

Miles is a recipient of INC’s 30 Under 30, and an international speaker on sustainability.

When he's not trying to save the planet, he's prototyping other crazy ideas, camping, or snuggling with his cat Moon.

Martica Wakeman

Martica brings 12+ years’ experience in social impact and sustainability. She’s passionate about bringing products to market that benefit the planet and society.

She holds an MSc in sustainability, working on international waste issues, as well as an MBA.

When Martica's not working make the world a better place, she's walking her dog Goose, biking or gardening.

Aman Khan

Aman has a background in product management and mechanical engineering, and has spent the last few years working on self-driving cars, drones, and at Apple.

He is passionate about solving real-world problems and making life more efficient.

Aman excels at ensuring products ship on time and he aims to continue to delight customers with a focus on sustainability.

Jim Winett

Jim is a hands-on operations and finance executive.

As an entrepreneur, consultant and advisor, he has 30+ years of experience working with over 100 companies, ranging from early-stage startups and turnarounds to large U.S. and overseas manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and service corporations.

Jim has particular strengths in strategic planning, organizational change, operational execution, restructuring, business development, and finance.