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    The perfect Mother’s Day gift as we begin to move around a bit more and safely visit with family and friends.

    We designed the Mini to be a convenient reminder to keep sanitized while thinking about Mama Earth too. Shouldn’t everyday be Mother’s Day and Earth Day? Yeah, we think so. 😃

     What's included

    -1x Sanikind Mini Pink

    -1x Sanikind Mini Pink Marble

    -1x Sanikind Refill (8oz, unscented) 

    Product Benefits

    •450+ sprays per fill 

    •Holds 0.8 oz of liquid sanitizer making it TSA friendly

    •Carabiner included to clip to your keys, purse, backpack, diaper bag, sticky children, belt loop or dog leash

    • Funnel included for easy refilling 

    •Infinitely refillable. Never buy another plastic sanitizer bottle! 

    •Made from recycled plastic from the shores and waterways of Haiti and Mexico 

    •Zero plastic packaging and carbon neutral shipping 

    •Convenient at 8.5cm x 2.7cm

    • Sanikind Mini ships empty in order to ship past the lower 48 states (regulations prevents shipping dangerous goods, such as sanitizer, outside of the lower 48 or across international borders)


    *Order by 5/5 for delivery by May 10th (Mother's Day)

    Due to covid-related delays and unprecedented shipping volumes for carriers across the country, Sanikind cannot guarantee delivery dates. We suggest ordering as early as possible to mitigate any carrier issues.



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    Meet the last sanitizer bottle you'll ever buy.

    We couldn't stand all the plastic piling up due to covid. We wanted to make a solution that helps people stay safe without the expense of the planet.

    Frequently Asked Questions


    What is the Mini Sanikind made of?

    The Sanikind Mini is made from recycled ocean-bound plastic. This plastic is collected, cleaned and sorted in Haiti and Mexico before being repurposed and made into our Minis.

    Where do you source the ocean-bound plastic?

    We source our ocean-bound plastic from a company in Haiti and another in Mexico. Both companies hire local residents to collect plastic bottles and waste that have been discarded within 50km of waterways. Such discarded plastic is categorized as ocean-bound because it is inevitably on it’s way to the ocean or other bodies of water if it weren’t for a demand for it to be reclaimed and reused.

    How many sprays does the Mini hold?

    The Sanikind Mini holds over 460+ sprays.

    How much sanitizer does the Mini hold?

    A Sanikind Mini holds 1 ounce of hand sanitizer.


    What is Sanikind’s sanitizer recipe?

    Our hand sanitizer is made to the World Health Organization formulation #1 (80% ethanol, 1.45% glycerol, .125% hydrogen peroxide). This formulation is proven to be effective against COVID-19 and is recommended by the CDC and FDA.

    How come Sanikind Refills can’t be shipped internationally?

    Due to the alcohol content in hand sanitizer it is considered a dangerous good. Many countries do not allow the importation of dangerous goods.

    Is your sanitizer a liquid or a gel?

    Our sanitizer is a liquid. Gel sanitizer will not work in our Mini as it does not spray.

    Why does Sanikind use liquid sanitizer instead of gel sanitizer?

    Sanitizer spray is more versatile than traditional gel hand sanitizer. It can be used on surfaces, objects and hands.

    Can I use other sanitizer brands in the Sanikind Mini?

    The Sanikind Mini can be refilled with any liquid hand sanitizer, but cannot be filled with gel hand sanitizer.


    How much sanitizer comes in your refill cans?

    A Sanikind Refill holds 8 fluid ounces of hand sanitizer. This will last the average user over a month.

    What are your refill cans made of?

    Refill cans are made up of aluminum. Aluminum is one of the most recycled materials in the world. Over 70% of aluminum cans in the United States have been recycled. It is infinitely recyclable, whereas glass for examples, can only be recycled so many times.

    Do I have to buy a Sanikind refill in order to use the Mini sanitizer dispenser?

    No, you do not have to use Sanikind sanitizer in our Mini. You can use another brand or homemade sanitizer so long as it is liquid sanitizer. The Mini will not work with gel sanitizer.